All workshops are held in english.

Saturday 21.10.

10-13h – Jonathan Pitts – Finding Strength in Vulnerability

10-13h – Jim Libby – Long Form Laboratory: An Intro

14-17h – Michael Smulik – Meat on that Bone

14-17h – Jim Libby – Advanced Basics for Beginner Experts

The price of one Saturday workshop is 700CZK.

Sunday 22.10.

14-18h – Jonathan Pitts – Whole Body Listening

Sunday workshop price is 900CZK.

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Registration for the workshops is open from Tuesday 19 of October from 7:09 PM, follow the same link as for the tickets;)

Jonathan Pitts – Finding Strength in Vulnerability

Openness on stage is a choice, a powerful choice that make any scene more grounded, intuitive and vital. In this workshop, the improv students will engage in three different exercises designed to develop and heighten their artistic and scenic openness.


Jim Libby – Long Form Laboratory: An Intro

You like improvising on stage and have been doing it for a while?

You’ve learned some skills; know how to play a few of “The Games” but are wondering, “What comes next?”

Well, how about learning to do it longer!?!?

In this workshop we will explore the basics of “Long Form – Improvisation”:

From the fundamental “Ideologies of Impro” to Ensemble-Work to basic Story-Telling. We’ll also take a look at the workings and history of “Classic Long Form Formats” to see where Impro has gone and where we might take it.

The goals of this workshop are: To have a basic understanding of what Long Form is and can be, to inspire performers to explore, question and create, and to have a whole lot of fun while doing it!


Michael Smulik – Meat on that Bone

There’s still meat on that bone, long after the laughs are gone.

The art of trusting that the scene will unfold it’s full potential, if you have the patience to keep on searching.


Jim Libby – Advanced Basics for Beginner Experts

This workshop is based on Keith Johnstone’s classic exercise, ‘What Comes Next?’.

In it we’ll learn how the exercise works, it’s different variations, and how this simple exercise can help us become more in tune with our partners as well as with ourselves. We’ll also explore how to listen to and inspire our partners, how we can use impro to seduce and hypnotize an audience, and how in those moments of ultimate stress, that all we have to ask is, ‘What comes next?’


Jonathan Pitts – Whole Body Listening

Listen up! One major skill all schools of improvisation have in common is the need for listening. True listening is a whole body activity requiring constant engagement in the improviser’s body, brain, heart, and spirit of play. This workshop uses two-person scenes to help players listen to both each other and themselves. You should hear what you’re missing.


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